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Clean MyRide – A Pro Grade combined kart Wash and Degreaser with non-streak formula. A non-caustic, biodegradeable and environmentally friendly product that eats dirt, mud and brake dust, dissolves grease, oil and lubricants on karts and components that build up during your practice and competitive sessions without damaging surface finishes.

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Product Description


Clean MyRide combined kart wash and degreaser for karting enthusiasts, amateurs and race teams.

With everything you put your kart through you want a kart wash and degreaser that’s equally as dependable and reliable with maximum performance and minimum effort. Clean MyRide’s unique formula strips off the muck and filth you hate and cleans the parts you love including chassis, engines, chains, brakes, sprockets, side pods, axles, rims and exhausts.

Whether just for fun or you’re competing regularly at any level, Clean MyRide is a highly effective way to keep your kart in pristine condition.

Suitable for all surfaces including paintwork, metals, alloys, plastics, carbon and rubbers.

If you are involved or see GMS Motorsport Ltd, not only big fans but stockists too, or the OEKC Endurance Karting Series Clean MyRide will available through them.

GENERAL KART WASHING: Wet kart, spray product on liberally and leave for up to 5 minutes, agitate using a soft washing or detail brush where necessary to remove thick or built up dirt and grease deposits. Wash solution from kart with plenty of water (do not leave solution to dry).

WORKING PARTS MAINTENANCE: To remove thick grease/dirt build up, soak or submerse (non-painted) working parts & leave to soak for 30 minutes, (or longer for severe build up) until grease comes free, using a small brush to agitate if required. Rinse with plenty of water and avoid prolonged exposure to paintwork.

CHAIN SERVICING: CleanMyRide works well with all in situ chain cleaning tools. Alternatively you can remove and submerse chain and cassette and soak for 30 minutes, (or longer for severe build up). Rinse and relube.

For best results wash your kart regularly.


Height: 300mm
Diameter: 88mm
Weight: Approx 1kg
Volume: One Litre

Product Features



Performance and chemistry

Clean MyRide's unbeatable formula is a carefully crafted combination of premium degreasers and traffic film removers, cleaning agents and softeners developed to be highly effective, tough on dirt yet gentle on paintwork.

Perfected for all parts

Formulated to work as well on carbon fibre as it does on a crankcase, a gear cassette or chain, Clean MyRide is designed to give your ride the clean you've always wanted on every component, on every surface finish.

Non-streak formula

Years of polishing out streaks and spots after cleaning helped inspire the drive to create a non-streak formula that works on all surfaces.


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