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NEW Clean MyRide – A Pro Grade combined Bike Wash and Degreaser with non-streak formula. A non-caustic, biodegradeable and environmentally friendly product that eats dirt and dissolves grease for both cycles and motorcycles. Clean My Ride is the real rider’s friend.

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Clean MyRide high performance combined bikewash and degreaser for cycles

With everything you put your cycle through you want a bikewash and degreaser that’s equally as dependable and reliable.  Clean MyRide’s unique formula strips off the muck and filth you hate and cleans the parts you love such as frames, chains, brakes, gear cassettes, wheels, and suspension.

Whether you ride road bikes, mountain bikes or BMXs, you’re blazing trails or testing time trials,  Clean MyRide is a highly effective way to keep your ride in pristine condition.

Suitable for all surfaces including paintwork, metals, alloys, plastics, carbon and rubbers.

GENERAL BIKE WASHING: Wet bike, spray product on liberally and leave for up to 5 minutes, then agitate using a soft washing or detail brush to remove dirt & grease. Wash solution from bike with plenty of water (do not leave solution to dry).

WORKING PARTS MAINTENANCE: To remove thick grease/dirt build up, soak or submerse (non-painted) working parts & leave to soak for 30 minutes, (or longer for severe build up) until grease comes free, using a small brush to agitate if required. Rinse with plenty of water and avoid prolonged exposure to paintwork.

CHAIN / CASSETTES SERVICING: CleanMyRide works well with all in situ chain cleaning tools. Alternatively you can remove and submerse chain and cassette and soak for 30 minutes, (or longer for severe build up). Rinse with plenty of water.

For best results wash your bike regularly.


Height: 300mm
Diameter: 88mm
Weight: Approx 1kg
Volume: One Litre


Product Features



Performance and chemistry

Clean MyRide's unbeatable formula is a carefully crafted combination of premium degreasers and traffic film removers, cleaning agents and softeners developed to be highly effective, tough on dirt yet gentle on paintwork.

Perfected for all parts

Formulated to work as well on carbon fibre as it does on a crankcase, a gear cassette or chain, Clean MyRide is designed to give your ride the clean you've always wanted on every component, on every surface finish.

Non-streak formula

Years of polishing out streaks and spots after cleaning helped inspire the drive to create a non-streak formula that works even on brushed aluminium frames.

5 reviews for Clean MyRide Cycle Bikewash Degreaser

  1. The drive train was extremely clean and the rest of the bike came up like new!
    “A few weeks ago was greeted in the shop by Paul from Clean MyRide. He had with him a new bike wash product that they had produced locally. He was keen to tell me all about the benefits and the amazing cleaning properties of their great new cleaner. Now having been in the trade for 15 plus years I was very much ‘yeah yeah I’ve heard it all before‘ so Paul kindly left a 1 litre sample for me to try.

    A couple days later after a muddy ride I decided to try it out on my own bike. I normally use a degreaser on the drive train and a well-known pink bike wash on the rest of the bike. But I’d been assured the Clean MyRide wash worked well on the drive train also. So I set out cleaning the bike, I used Clean MyRide sparingly over the entire bike and allowed it to do its thing for a couple minutes. Then after hosing the bike down I was pleasantly surprised. The drive train was extremely clean and the rest of the bike came up like new.

    At that point I knew I had to eat my words!!!

    I called Paul and requested a shop sized container as I now only use Clean MyRide on customers bikes and my own. In all, a fantastic product that is locally designed and produced and does exactly what it claims”.

    Chris Ball
    Vo2 Cycling Workshop Manager
    Hildenborough, Kent

    #cyclists #cycles #cycling #MTB #bike #bikewash #degreaser #clean_myride

  2. The best I’ve used in terms of effectiveness and value for money.
    I’ve used a few different bicycle cleaners and found they rarely live up to the promise. They usually smell horrible and leave your hands feeling weird. Clean my ride is different though. It smells nice but more to the point it actually does what its supposed to do.

    It’s particularly hard to get a bike looking decent around the chain/sprocket area but this stuff does the job really well. Its not the cheapest product on the planet but in this life you get what you pay for and this is the best I’ve used in terms of effectiveness and value for money.

    Murray Motley
    Maidstone, Kent, UK

    #bikewash #degreaser #cycles #cycling #cyclists #clean_myride #bikecleaners

  3. Clean MyRide has outperformed every bike cleaner I have used
    “I’ve been using Clean MyRide for nearly two years as a product tester. I cycle around 120 miles week to work and back, cleaning my bike lightly once a week, with a major degreasing clean once a month on all mechanical parts.
    Clean MyRide has outperformed every bike cleaner I have used and, with its combined cleaning and degreasing, I only need to use this one product. It works perfectly and lasted for ages”.

    Chris Fordham, Surrey

  4. Clean MyRide cleans the frame effortlessly and the chain is a breeze
    “5* product… would highly recommend… I cycle 30 miles a day to London in all weathers and my bike gets hammered with dirt and grime. I’ve used many products to clean my bike, especially my chain and Clean MyRide has to be my favourite. Tried this product and was amazed at the results… cleans the frame effortlessly and the chain is a breeze… I use it once a week to keep my chain in top condition ( always dry and lube it after a wash) its brilliant.

    On a more serious service of the chain I take the chain off the bike and let it soak in the liquid for 30 mins, while it’s in soak I clean the rest of the bike with this product. The results are awesome. Pull the chain out of the liquid and the chain only really needs a wipe down with a cloth! Once dried off, I’ll put the chain back on the bike, lube it and I’m good to go…”

    Chris Fordham, Cyclist

    #Cyclists #cycles #cycling #bikewash #degreaser #clean_myride

  5. I have used the product on both bicycles and motorbikes and the results are always superb!
    “I was lucky enough to bump into Paul from Clean MyRide and got talking about the many different bike cleaners that are available on todays market. Paul mentioned a new product that he was working on and asked if I would like to try a sample to try against other market leading brands.

    Well, I took him up on the offer and can honestly say that Clean MyRide gets the muck off that others can’t budge.

    I have used the product on both #bicycles and #motorbikes and the results are always superb. What stands out most is the colour and consistency of the liquid. The colour helps you see where it has been sprayed (so no wasting the product spraying on the same place twice) and the thicker consistency means that it doesn’t run off too quickly and pool in one location. It does, however, make you work harder at cleaning your #bike as the colour is so luminous that you can see where it remains even in darker areas.

    Overall, so impressed I have ordered Clean MyRide to use in our workshop”.

    Tony Wade
    Cycling Made Easy
    Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

    #cyclists #cycles #cycling #MTB #eBikes #eMTB #bikewash #degreaser#motorbikes #bikes #clean_myride

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