British Biker Relief Foundation BBRF. Clean MyRide are members and support charity with a donation from every sale

A donation from every sale

So how do you choose a charity to support?

There are hundreds of thousands of charities in the the UK and each and every one of us have our own reasons to support the ones we choose. We are bombarded with donation based advertising across every channel from TV to doordrops, tin rattlers to digital advertising, events to high street shops….the list goes on and on and on and on.

Today Clean MyRide got its membership pack from British Biker Relief Foundation. We are now not only a proud member but also a supporter moving forward of this incredible charity and its volunteers who work tirelessly to help bikers and their families after serious or fatal road traffic accidents.

So why did Clean MyRide choose British Biker Relief Foundation?

When Steve and I first began on our journey withClean MyRide, Steve was adamant on supporting a charity through the business with our #cycle#bikewash and #degreaserWorld Bicycle Relief was the charity we decided to support with our #cycle product. Our #motorcycle #bikewash and #degreaser needed an equally relevant #charity to support.

The research began and we discovered British Biker Relief Foundation. Amazing stories of how the charity has helped bikers and their families after serious accidents or fatalities, sealed the deal for Steve and I. It’s one of those risks you live with (hopefully) being a #biker. The thrill, shear enjoyment and freedom far outweigh the risks we take every time we straddle our rides, turn the ignition key, kick it into first gear and ride off down the road. Thankfully there are people like British Biker Relief Foundation who are there when we don’t come home when expected or worse, don’t come home at all.

Clean MyRide will be supporting the amazing work of British Biker Relief Foundation with a donation from every sale of our #motorcycling #bikewash and #degreaser moving forward.

Check out their website at give them a follow and a like on Facebook at

We know Andy, Jules and the rest of the team will appreciate it.

If you want to purchase our motorcycle product and help us support BBRF click here

Thanks for reading, ride safe.

Paul and Steve

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