Fellow Biker. Lazy Cleaner.

Fellow Biker. Lazy Cleaner.

My bike looked genuinely clean for the first time since I purchased her!

There are lots of people that enjoy cleaning their bikes, they find it therapeutic and relaxing to fine polish every nut, bolt and detail…I am not one of those people.

I find cleaning of any scale or form abhorrent and tedious and instead prefer to get the entire process out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible with a true ‘that’ll do’ approach!

Having tried numerous cleaning products (the most common of which rhyming with yukoff) I have found that all solutions leave a plethora of water marks and residual grime when subjected to my somewhat rushed and careless washing technique; resulting in me wasting my time for my bike to still never really look clean and pristine.

“I can confirm however that Clean MyRide is a truly remarkable product.”

I followed the instructions…a first in 10 years for me. Wet the bike, sprayed on the product and went in to make a cup of tea. After returning to my bike I could see the dirt beginning to run off, even without agitation, and proceeded to sponge down in my patented quick and haphazard fashion, spending no more than two minutes of time on actual cleaning.

A quick rinse with the hose and I went back inside to drink my aforementioned cup of tea, which was still piping hot. After finishing said tea I wandered back outside with a cloth in order to wipe down and remove any errant water stains, and to the greatest surprise of the day there was not one anywhere, and my bike looked genuinely clean for the first time since I purchased her.

“As a summary I would recommend this product without hesitation, it works wonders for the lazy bikers among us, and I can only imagine the results that can be achieved when used by a genuinely enthusiastic person!”

Carl C
Fellow biker. Lazy cleaner.
Kent, UK

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